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From Pennsylvania to Waterloo - A Biographical History of Waterloo Township

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Family Group Sheet for Family F1072

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Husband | Male

Joseph Kinzinger
 Birth  2 Dec 1817  Near Bromley, Middlesex, England 
 Died  19 Oct 1889   
 Buried    St Jacobs Cemetery 
 Married  17 Feb 1862   
 Other Spouse  Janet Edmison | F1609 
 Married  15 Aug 1849   

Wife | Female

Susannah Brand
 Birth  1 Mar 1825  Berlin, Waterloo Co., Ontario 
 Other Spouse  John Wideman | F4827 
 Married  25 Apr 1843   
 Father  Michael Brand | F4828 
 Mother  Elizabeth Kreuter | F4828 

Child 1 | Female

Sarah W. Kinzinger
 Birth  5 Jan 1864  St. Jacobs, Waterloo Co., Ontario 
 Died  18 Nov 1872   

Child 2 | Female

Lydia Kinzinger
 Birth  12 Oct 1865   

Child 3 | Female

Martha Kinzinger
 Birth  31 Jul 1867  St. Jacobs, Waterloo Co., Ontario 
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