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From Pennsylvania to Waterloo - A Biographical History of Waterloo Township

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Family Group Sheet for Family F2397

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Husband | Male

Peter Eby
 Birth  28 Feb 1828  Berlin, Waterloo Co., Ontario 
 Died  15 Aug 1894   
 Married  30 Sep 1847   
 Father  Benjamin Eby | F2342 
 Mother  Mary (Maria) Brubacher | F2342 

Wife | Female

Susan Sparrow
 Birth  28 Apr 1826   
 Died  17 Nov 1888   

Child 1 | Male

Isidore E. Eby
 Birth  9 Dec 1848   
 Spouse  Agnus Aussem Stoddard | F2398 
 Married  29 Jul 1874   

Child 2 | Male

Albert Milton Eby
 Spouse  Julia Clark | F2399 
 Married  6 Sep 1886   

Child 3 | Male

Benjamin Theodore Eby
 Birth  2 Dec 1852   
 Died  3 Jul 1853   
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